Friday, November 28, 2008

East Coast Friday Random Ten

Vic Chesnutt, "Maiden" The Salesman and Bernadette
Badly Drawn Boy, "Take the Glory" One Plus One is One
Kathleen Edwards, "Alicia Ross" Asking for Flowers
Yo La Tengo, "Don’t Have to be So Sad" Hear Music, Vol. 10
Tarnation, "Game of Broken Hearts" Gentle Creatures
East River Pipe, "Times Square Go-Go Boy" Shining Hours in a Can
Jason Collett, "Pink Night" Idols of Exile
Paul Westerberg, "Only Lie Worth Telling" Stereo
Edith Frost, "Thine Eyes" Calling Over Time
Modest Mouse, "Paper Thin Walls" The Moon & Antarctica

Bonus: PJ Harvey, "The Devil" White Chalk

Between this list and pumpkin pie for breakfast, my day's off to a great start. What's Mall Friday sending your way?

Note: Apple's one-day sale today is a good time to buy an iPod. Of course I bought one last week.