Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gentlemen, you may fire when ready

Synchronicity or the Jungian Archtype or something causes LGM to read the mass market version of what Roy finds whimpering in a corner of the internets. Both express to the full the new ressentiment of our leadership class when its forced to take a back seat to the crips, the blacks, and the wimmins. Both express the identical belief that being taught something is a reproach to one's honor which, apparently, requires a sturdy, yeomanlike independence from all kinds of knowledge (in the comments its made clear that relying on codes and workplace norms leads to all kinds of absurdities like safety officers, fire officers, anti bullying teaching and even "bad touches" education in kindergarten). But the real joy is to be found in the comments where one commenter takes the theme of honor to its logical conclusion and takes the piss with a vengeance. More...

Well, Bill, this was your first experience in front of a Bolshevik commissar, so I will forgive you for the tepid response. The proper response to any form of indoctrination is resistance. You need to understand that "facilitators" expect conformity and cooperation. Throwing a spanner into the works upsets the group dynamic. The next time you see an applecart full of rotten fruit, tip it over. Most people go along to get along. A single leader in opposition inspires others of like mind to mount a counter-offensive. They're just waiting for a leader.

I suppose a few words on tactics are in order. Sedition is generally more effective than confrontation. A carefully delivered barb delivered with sincerity and a polite demeanor can deflate your opponent like a punctured whoopie-cushion. You listen. You wait. You plan. Then you raise your hand and thrust toward the gut of your opponent's argument. Remember to smile (politely) as you kill. Pick up a bottle of good bourbon on the way home. You will learn in time the joy that can be found in sedition.

Here's the best part. Since most people would rather endure stupidity than engage in confrontation, you'll quickly get a reputation as a (sorry for the unfortunate noun) maverick. The only time I was ever called on the carpet was for swinging a cavalry sword during a faculty meeting. Maybe it was a bit over the top, but it most certainly my Little Roundtop.

The bottom line is that now I'm excused from such meetings. I get assigned to parking lot duty or something. Yes, I know, everyone needs a job. The bills must be paid. But it gets better still when you take a stand. You might experience that magical moment when you can say that I will give up everything I have to stand on principle. You will know at that moment the true meaning of liberation. The opposition can have everything I own, but not my compliance. You will suddenly morph into the worst enemy of herd people everywhere; you will stand as the naked warrior with nothing to lose. It'll put a gleam in your eye and a swagger in your step, laddie. And fear into the hearts of your enemies.

So, Bill, spare me the indignation. Next time I want to hear how you counter-attacked and destroyed the meeting. Buck it up a notch. That goes for anyone else reading this comment. I don't give a rat's ass how violated you "feel." For Crissakes, that's what the other side does. I want next time to hear a song of victory. But that's just me. I truly hope it's not just me.

Posted by: ~Paules | November 21, 2008 5:52 PM