Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It Stands Athwart Kathleen Parker, Yelling STFU

The battle has been joined! Conservatism fights for its very soul today over at The Corner, where first Pantload and then Human Stain set the table for K-Lo's final assault on wingnut apostate-come-lately Kathleen Parker:

...I wonder if after some time away from her e-mail and newfound attentions she'd be using some of the same words she's been using lately about many of the buyers of her book.

Maybe she would. She's someone I know and love dearly but I won't ever pretend to know her or anyone's mind. But I do know she is smarter than her column recently has suggested.

And by smarter I am not using conservatism as a litmus test for intelligence, for the record.
For the record, dear K-Lo, I think you'll find that it's a negative indicator.

Note: Deborah Howell is sure to find Parker's feints at conversion doubleplusungood.

Update: Kevin Drum has more on Jonah and the "oogedy-boogedy" GOP.