Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Long Climb Back to the Barbecue Pit Has Begun

Roy Nails it, liveblogging last night he had this to say about McCain's concession speech:

McCain's concession featured many encomiums to Obama, which might have seemed more gracious were the gang of angry honkies he addressed in Phoenix less frighteningly surly; their truculent response -- boos, grudging applause, and random bellows -- made it seem as if McCain were exercising crowd control rather than delivering a valedictory. That aside, McCain was clearly moved, a little tight of jaw, and annoyed, all of which were his right and well within his character as he has displayed it. His best moment was his humorous reference to "the most challenged campaign of modern times," in which he showed both pique and perspective. The rest was boilerplate, which was his duty, and, as always, he rose to it.
The most notable feature of this speech, which demonstrated McCain is eager, as always, to return as a hero to the Senate and didn't believe a word of his own campaign hype, is that little miss Tundra pudding of 2008 wasn't allowed to say a word to *her* dissapointed fans. The John McCain resuscitation tour began last night, and perhaps Sarah! 2012, but she wasn't allowed to solidify her fan base. Bonus question--when did they tell her that the plan was to be all gracious to the terrorists 'n their palls? Was it five minutes before they sewed her lips shut and threw her out on stage?