Monday, November 03, 2008

Making calls that make a difference

I volunteered with to make phone calls, and I've ended up calling from home to recruit volunteers. Basically calling other MoveOn members in swing states (I'm in New York, a "not swing" state) and asking them to come into their local offices and give time up to and including Tuesday.

Here's the thing: Everyone's saying yes.

You make phone calls, maybe you reach half or fewer of the people you call. Answering machines, like that. But of the people I've spoken to? About half have signed up. Half! Have you ever done any calling, for anything? Half is crazy. Half is someone reaching over to you and stuffing money in your pockets just for shits and giggles. You can't believe how good it feels.

Everyone's excited. And there's a counter at the top of the screen, showing how many calls have been made. It moves blindingly fast. I started mid-week at 800,000 at the top of my screen, and now it's over 2 million. And everyone is saying yes I frickin can.

Yes. I can.

If you live in a swing state, volunteer. If you don't, call voters in swing states. Here's something from the script I've been reading to people: "No matter what the polls say, we need all hands on deck."

(And no, I haven't seen a movie all week.)

(Cross-posting that makes a difference)