Sunday, November 23, 2008

sara giv tHem turkee bLud

So over at The Corner they made Turpalin:



One turkey-blood-soaked Sarah Palin video
One honest Byron York post calling the scene "unfortunate"
One segment of MSM-MSNBC "nancy boys" coverage
Two batches of "Sarah and the Vegan Weenies" emails (1, 2)
Prime example: "In Alaska, they have critters that consider humans food. Absent high powered rifles, humans are not at the apex of the food chain in Alaska. That will tend to give people a different perspective than the silk pantywaists in the lower 48."
One piquant bouquet garni of adulatory bloodlust
Too many K-Lo wingnoli nuts (1, 2, 3...)
Mix it all up in Mark Steyn’s crackpot of a mind, cook extremely slowly for no more than 10 seconds, and…voila:

My fowl lady [Mark Steyn]

...[T]hat's Sarah Palin's real stroke of genius in these difficult times for the global economy. For, in an age when the government picks which banks to nationalize and which banks to fail, and guarantees mortgages that should never have been issued, and prepares to demand that those taxpayers with responsible and affordable pension plans prop up the lavish and unsustainable pension programs of Detroit, Governor Palin has given us a great teaching moment and a perfect snapshot of what my Brit reader would recognize as pre-Thatcher "industrial policy":

When the government decides it can "pick winners" and spare them from the realities of the market, everyone else gets bled to death.

Thank you, Sarah. It's the first election ad of Campaign '12.

Serve over the derisive laughter of Democrats everywhere.