Wednesday, November 05, 2008

That was some lottery ticket

Yes we can.

I cried like a baby during Obama's acceptance speech. Sobbed.

I cried because there is hope, because we can save this country, because things might get a whole lot better.

I cried because that man, and that family, in the White House, just being there, it's going to change things. Because I'm not old enough to remember Camelot, but this must be something like it. That his very presence shifts things. And I'm here for it.

Yes we can. More...

I feel all the things he was speaking about last night. That I can absolutely go back to being angry at a too-centrist Democratic president, as I was for eight years under Clinton, and how glorious those years seem now, and how willing I am for that, to fight for better, for more progressive, in a context where change is possible, where my voice can be heard. And truly, I will write letters and make phone calls and maybe do more, and instead of feeling 'all those bastards are the same,' I feel that my more-progressive-than-Obama voice can be heard, and is in play. (I mean for one thing, holy shit, Prop 8 passed? We have a long way to go.)

Yes we can.

Let's be clear. Obama was not originally my candidate. I have had misgivings about him. But he ran a brilliant race which certainly speaks to his managerial skills, and an inclusive race. And in his speech, as he gave it back to us, as he said it's our victory, well, I believed him.

Yes. We. Can.

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