Monday, November 24, 2008

World's Tiniest Violin Plays, Right Before Worlds Biggest Axe Falls

I don't know about the rest of you but John Aravois's "A Modest Mormon Proposal" almost doesn't go far enough for me. I have about had it with the Mormons and their "what are you all looking at me for?" shtick. Today in the Globe there is a long and sympathetic piece about how the Mormon church stayed out of the equal marriage debate in MA so we owe it to them, apparently, to take a blind eye to their interfering with the California Constitution. You might think that people in MA, gay people generally, and especially gay people and their families in CA were responding directly to an assault on their civil liberties, their lives, homes, families and futures. But you'd be wrong. As far as MA's mormons are concerned, and the Mormon Church world wide, all this hostility to their little cult was always there, just waiting for a silly excuse to rip its mask off. The Mormons were just wandering along, minding their own business when, whammo, the gyas started attacking them and even (gasp!) like this one guy totally burned a copy of the book of Mormon. Does hate get any hatier? My favorite line in the article is the last one:

"This has seemed like a natural step of escalation from the Romney campaign, when I think it became OK to dis Mormons and make pretty blanket statements," said Jennifer Thomas, 40, of Belmont. "You're either a nitwit bigot, or you're for gay marriage - no one has left people of faith an alternative place to stand - and if you reduce people to bigots, you give yourself license to treat them vilely."
How about if you reduce people to homo sub-humans without rights? What does that lead to?

Also, this is good.

End tax exemption for all so called "religious" groups or else start up an ecumenical religious community of gay and straight people, I'll join, and sue for full civil rights under the establishment clause.