Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wow, The Personal Is Still the Political, But Not In a Good Way

Roy points us towards Dr. Helen and makes appropriate fun of her. But the real action is in her comments thread where her crew of angry white males decompensates rapidly in all directions.
The war abroad against anti-American sentiment and far left bullying has come home, yea, even unto our CVS's and our Christmas Glogg. No more milquetoast 70 pound weaklings!

Commenter agrees with Ted Nugent and Dr. Helen, we must go to the mat:

conservatives need to quit allowing the left to use verbally bullying in their attenpts (sic) to control discourse and thus frame the arguements.(sic)Time to get in their faces about their cultural bigotries and control freak attitudes, which are every bit as obnoxious and offensive to individual liberty as any blue nose religious moralizer.

Another Commenter seconds:

Well put. For the third or fourth year in a row, my liberal, control freak sister has come up with some idea of how the family should celebrate Christmas. All the while she professes to not be a Christian. Why doesn't she just say she's not celebrating Christmas and leave the rest of us alone? Can't do it, everything has to be her way.
Comrade! To the Barricades! Our very Christmas Puddings are in jeopardy!