Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Prop 8: The Musical

Clever lyrics, a message of inclusion (from Jesus himself!), and Neil Patrick Harris -- what more could we ask?

H/T Birmingham Blues reader (and brother-in-law) Tony, who sent me this link from the Los Angeles Times. The first comment cracked me up:

This video is actually blasphemous to Christians and will change no minds, imo - in fact, it will just backfire. It shows typical Hollywood irreverance and misunderstanding of Christianity. Jack Black as Jesus is really bad.

Really? I didn't know one could blaspheme a fellow human. I thought that was reserved for the higher beings. Methinks someone is getting above himself. And Jack Black as Jesus actually reflects the Gospel message of love. What a concept!


Whedonverse connections: NPH, of course, and Adam Shankman. And there may be others that I missed. :)