Friday, January 02, 2009

East Coast Friday Random Ten

Patsy Cline, "Imagine That" Patsy Cline Story
Ella Fitzgerald, "This Time the Dream's On Me" The Songbooks
Ray Charles, "Rockhouse Parts 1&2" The Birth of Soul
Cracker, "Let's Go for a Ride" Kerosene Hat
Mark Lanegan, "Bombed" Bubblegum
The Rolling Stones, "Black Limousine" Tattoo You
Fila Brazillia, "Mother Nature Spies" Mastercuts Early Hours
Radiohead, "Thinking About You" Pablo Honey
Ed Harcourt, "Revolution in the Heart" The Beautiful Lie
Bonnie "Prince" Billy, "Madeleine-Mary" I See a Darkness

Bonus: PJ Harvey, "Broken Harp" White Chalk

I'm sorry for failing to make last week's FRT posting, but it didn't seem like Friday to me. Neither does today. But I'm onto it now: Friday is the new Wednesday in these fantastically inverted workweeks we've stumbled into. I could get used to this.
My list today is the first from my new! improved! roughly 30% larger! iTunes library. I don't think I'll catch George once I'm finished ripping everything acceptable that I own into iTunes, but I will have a much wider and better music collection. Thanks, G!

The gods have signaled their pleasure at my iTunes additions by including six new songs among my list of eleven. What are they sending your way today? And what does it all mean?