Monday, January 12, 2009

Public Service Message

Look, it really isn't that complicated: parking in somebody else's driveway is not only illegal; it is also wrong. If you do it, you're likely to get ticketed. If you are ticketed, it's entirely your fault.

Another inconsiderate asshole ticketed this weekend, and another angry, abusive, self-righteous note (this one with the citation attached, with the suggestion that I should pay it for him), as if somehow we were in the wrong here. Nor is it the first such note. And what I want to know is: how is it possible for people to be so fucking clueless?

Now he is a college kid, apparently, so the cluelessness is age-appropriate--as are the self-righteousness and the irresponsibility. (He is living among adults, though, so if he learns anything from this experience, then I did him a favor.) The thing is, we've gotten notes like that from actual honest-to-god grown-ups, who really should know better. Apparently, we are surrounded by moronic douchebags.

Fuck them all.