Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Even Tories Love their National Health

This is all very infra dig but, tragically, the six year old child of a Tory leader has just died--this was noted with sorrow over at NRO--but what wasn't noted was that this poor kid was born with a host of very serious health problems and was fully cared for by the NHS throughout his short life. His father is described as the "leader of the opposition" party and even he wouldn't care to, or dare to, touch National health care. Once we get it, we'll be able to keep it. And it will totally revolutionize our lives. I'm not linking here because I don't want to make any kind of political hay out of this tragic event. Its something that struck me, however, in reading the articles about the family and their situation that the grim reality of battling insurance companies for treatment was completely absent from their story.