Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I've got your *&^%$ Senatorial Courtesy Right Here

It was reported in the Boston Globe this morning that the ever so clubby Senate and the oh-so-bipartisan gang of four insisted on a pro-forma vote of 61 to pass the Senate Version of the Jobs Bill. What that entailed, apparently, was allowing Cornyn to skip the vote so he could go to a fundraiser in New York, while Teddy Kennedy was forced to return to the Senate from his sickbed. I'm a knuckle dusting partisan and I get that my attitude towards Senatorial Comity is not quite in the established mode but didn't this strike "Gentleman Joe" Lieberman, John McCain, Snowe, Collins, Cornyn, Ben "I'm Psychic" Nelson, and the entire of the Weepy, self congratulatory Senatorial body as taking the notion of "bipartisan" to a psychotic extreme of pro-forma fakery?

But I'm happy that at least as of today Obama admits that the entire internet community of howler monkeys was correct. You.Don't.Begin.With.Compromise. Or, in the immortal words of our bestest worst president ever "you don't negotiate with yourself."