Sunday, February 15, 2009

Memory Like An Elephant

David Broder:

Republicans have seen to it that Obama has complete ownership of the economic rescue. By withholding nearly all their votes, they are betting that it will fail, just as they did in 1993 when the newly elected Bill Clinton pushed his first budget and tax package through Congress without a single Republican vote.

Back then, Newt Gingrich predicted that the Democratic plan would lead to "a job-killing recession," and Dick Armey, his lieutenant, called it "a recipe for disaster."

Even if they had been right, they took the risk of seeming to be betting against something most voters hoped would succeed. But they were wrong -- the economy soared under Clinton.

Sixteen years later, today's Republicans seem to have forgotten that experience.
Gee willikers. I've been reading Bipartisan Broder for like ten years, and I can't remember him ever mentioning, in all that time, this "experience" of Republicans betting unanimously against President Clinton's economic package. And losing!

It's almost as if it never happened. How ever did the liberal media miss this story?