Thursday, March 12, 2009

Democracy Must Be Destroyed in Order to Preserve Democracy

Watching Maddow on EFCA the other night, I was struck by how clearly this battle highlights the organizing principle of the Republican party: people who are accountable to voters should have less power than people who aren't; democratic institutions are a threat to democracy, and autocratic entities are the embodiment of freedom.

'Freedom' means letting the peanut processor decide what's good for you, rather than the regulators who answer to your elected officials. 'Freedom' means letting the automakers decide what mileage and emissions standards should be, instead of letting your elected state government weigh in. And 'freedom' means letting your unelected boss unilaterally control every aspect of your working life, instead of you getting a vote on how things work.

All the Republican bloviating about EFCA being a "threat to democracy" is, like everything else they say, 100% projection. Republicans love 'democracy', defined as 'flag-waving and parades and unmaimed soldiers in uniform', but they hate democracy (as we understand it) and will fight it wherever it rears its subversive head.

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