Thursday, March 12, 2009

Free Advice

Now that yet another of Obama's picks has gone down in flames let me explain something very, very, very, slowly. You can get Genghis Khan in for HHS if you have *someone scarier* queued up afterwards. Does anyone remember why the Dems pretty much rolled on almost all of Bush's various appointed Hacks--including Alberto "I don't recall" Gonsalezs? Because we knew, or thought we knew, that if the first one went down the next to be nominated would be light years worse. And we were probably right since, as it turned out, each one *was* worse than the last (Remember Ashcroft? man, those were the days). Obama should have nominated Chas Freeman and put into the queue behind him a *&^%$ Palestinian activist and said "he's my next choice." As for Hilda Solis she would never have been held up at all if he'd que'ed up Andy Stern or Randi Weingarten or anyone else who was notably even farther left.