Saturday, March 14, 2009

NRSCC Calling!

I just got a personal call--meaning a live person called me--from the NRSCC (National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee or something). I was so dumbfounded that they called me, a registered Democrat living in the bluest ward of the bluest city in the bluest *&^%$ state that I took the call just to hear what they wanted. Well, they just wanted to ask me one simple question, ma'am "Do you believe that wasteful spending and bailouts will help the economy?" Well, I certainly did! Slight pause and then, very politely, the gentleman said carefully "Well, I can certainly understand your perspective, ma'am, now just wait one minute for a little message" and then he got off the phone. That's all they've got? Seriously? And they are down to peddling this shit to people like me?