Friday, April 10, 2009

Bad Actors

2nd UPDATE: Here's another link to the audition tapes. Don't know how long it will be working.

UPDATE: I see NOM has yanked the Rachel Maddow video off YouTube, but I'm quite sure it will turn up again.

In more than one sense of the phrase. The National Organization for Marriage (no, I'm not linking; feel free to Google if you must) released a scare ad this week in which actors played the parts of various oppressed people whose lives have been devastated because they are no longer permitted to discriminate against gays and lesbians. The finished product was bad -- a combination of ridiculously overblown rhetoric and unconvincing line readings -- but the audition tapes were...well, they were just horrendous. I have no idea where NOM (maybe the funniest acronym ever!) got these people, but -- trust me -- I would look like Meryl Streep if I went up against them.

NOM was unhappy when the audition tapes hit YouTube, and its minions have been busy scrubbing them. It's embarrassing when the whole world can see that you couldn't get any real actors to show up for your casting call.

Unfortunately for NOM (but good for us), Rachel Maddow captured some of the most egregious moments last night.


And if the audition tapes weren't funny enough, the parodies are a hoot.

NOM, you done messed with the wrong people. Seriously.

videos via Pam