Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Do Not Want

Fuck Specter and fuck the DSCC if they treat this as a case of an "incumbent" Democrat running for his own seat in 2010. But no doubt they will suppress any Lamont like run from the center/left and go with the devil they know. I was explaining to my children the meaning of "Quid Pro Quo" recently and I'm damned if I can understand why a ten year old gets it but the entire Democratic Party does not. If Specter won't caucus with the dems as a certain vote *until* 2010 he should not be treated as anything more than a g-damned wart on our body politic. Schumer and Obama can say all the nice things they want but if Specter is planning to be a blue dog let's force the fucker out in the primary and get us some more and *better* Dems in the Senate. No sloppy seconds.