Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Hypocrisy is the tribute that Vice pays to Virtue

You know, I for one am glad that Rick Warren now finds it inconvenient to acknowledge his homophobia and his anti gay political history. I think its a huge step forward. And I can't see how it doesn't signal a huge sea change for the better. Either Warren is going to pay for this big time with his more homophobic church members or he's not. That, as my children say, is a win/win. His church will either split into two much less effective warring camps or it will stay together under a now uneasy, less antagonistic, headship. Warren has clearly come to the conclusion that outright, vocal, anti gay activity is not in his personal interest and since everything I know about Rick Warren tells me that he is a very shrewd operator indeed that means he's come to the conclusion that he can grow his church and his private pocketbook better by ceasing to be an overt homophobe. And who am I to contradict him.

Rick, I celebrate your newfound gayitude. Better late than never, better lyingabout love for the new lord than giving voice to your old hates. To mix my metaphors hell has frozen over so pass the popcorn and enjoy the fireworks. Rick Warren has come to Jesus and discovered that he's not a homophobe.