Monday, April 20, 2009

Seen in Carpool Line This Morning

A bumper sticker reading "Honk If You're Paying My Mortgage", complete with a fake Obama logo 'o' in the first word.

I had the impulse to jump from my car and offer sympathies to the poor soul who is having trouble covering the mortgage in rich white Republicanville. "So sorry!" I would say. "Have you received an eviction notice? Did the mortgage assistance help you get back on your feet, or were you forced to vacate your 3,000-10,000 square foot McMansion and move into an apartment in the same wealthy school district?"

Of course I didn't, as I'm quite sure the driver is paying the mortgage just fine and simply wants to poke fun at the evil Obama administration's attempts to keep other people from losing their homes. Not to mention keeping said driver's bank afloat so the ATM will keep spitting out cash.

But y'all already knew that.