Friday, May 01, 2009

Time for my Patented "No Name" strategy

So Obama is going to get to appoint a new Supreme Court member to replace Souter. I'm thrilled--as long as its not Deval Patrick whose name I saw mooted recently. With all due respect to my governor, for whom I voted, the guy's the Michael Steele of the Democratic side--a lightweight, corporatist, with a reverse midas touch. Obama has some fantastic women to pick from, and I hope he takes one of them. But I think its time for my patented strategy--which they failed to take with previous nomination battles. Obama should set up three alternates from most moderate to raving, tearing, leftist--is Andrea Dworkin dead?--and make it clear that if they shoot down the first one he's going to keep nominating progressively leftwards until the Republican party has simply exhausted all its lines of argument. This has a twofold utility--first, if you call the first one a man eating lesbian vagina dentata you haven't left yourself much rhetorical room to go after the second one, and even more so for the third. Second, you are aware that your strategy of denial and obstruction, such as it is, can only make things objectively worse since the President has made it clear that he won't move towards compromise with you. And thirdly, and its not part of my strategy but its related to it, the Democratic Senators should go en masse to both Harry Reid and Specter and say that they are keeping a little list and every time Arlen acts like a Republican or gives even rhetorical help to the Republicans they will insist that a year be shaved off his hypothetical seniority in the 2010 term. Shortly, Specter will have lost whatever seniority Reid promised him, or have moved strongly to a position identical with Obama's stated wishes.