Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Hypothetical for the Neo-Cons

I'm talking to you, Robert Kagan. And Stephen Hayes. And Peter Wehner. And Charles Krauthammer. And of course John McCain.

Here's the question:

Say there's a Presidential election that you and thousands of other Republicans are convinced was stolen by the Democrats. Say you're out there protesting, trying to build public support for your cause.

Now let's say Khamenei expresses his wholehearted support for your efforts. Say Ahmadinejad says "I stand with the American people in their opposition to Democratic tyranny." Say Hu Jintao says the election was fraudulent, and Medvedev calls for the Democrat to step down. Say Kim Jong Il says "today, we are all Republicans."

Would these expressions of support help or hurt your efforts to build support among Americans?