Wednesday, August 05, 2009

What I Would Do...

...if I were running a town hall meeting and Republican thugs were trying to take it over, is I would have a sound system all ready to play the national anthem. The minute things get out of control, start it up.

There are two ways that plays out. The first is that the thugs could quiet down, put their hands over their hearts, and wait out the song. In which case you've broken their momentum and calmed things down (temporarily), and that's a (temporary) win. And when they start getting out of hand again you start the anthem again. Over and over and over until they get the message.

The other way it could play out is that they don't quiet down--they just get further enraged at this transparent attempt to shame them into shutting up. In which case you get priceless YouTube videos of Republican thugs disrupting the national anthem.

Either way, you win--or at least you salvage what you can from the situation, which is a better result than we've seen so far.