Friday, October 16, 2009

East Coast Friday Random Ten

The Walkabouts, "Pass Me On Over" Setting the Woods On Fire
Grandaddy, "Away Birdies with Special Sounds" Concrete Dunes
S-WORD, "I'll Fly Away" Further Beyond Nashville
Calexico, "Flat Handed and On the Wing" Travelall
Lucinda Williams, "Rescue" West
Martha Wainwright, "Tower Song" I Know You’re Married But I Have Needs Too
Modest Mouse, "Exit Does Not Exist" This is a Long Drive…
Freakwater, "Lorraine" Springtime
The Beatles, "Get Back" Let It Be
Cat Power, "Free" You Are Free

Bonus: Roxy Music, "Casanova" Country Life

Looks like Tom forgot FRT again this week. I have a photo to put up, so I'll run a list first. Add yours in comments, as usual.

There's another Heartless Bastards vid below the fold.