Friday, March 19, 2010

East Coast Friday Random Ten

Mark Mulcahy, “Sometimes” Love’s the Only Thing that Shuts Me Up
Hauschka, “Freibad” Ferndorf
Daniel Johnston, “Rock this Town” Late Great Daniel Johnston
Freakwater, “Slowride” Springtime
Emmylou Harris, “Goodbye” Wrecking Ball
Charlie Parker, “What is This Thing Called Love” Anything Goes
Magnolia Electric Co., “Shenandoah” Josephine
Clem Snide, “Forever, Now and Then” Soft Spot
Jason Collett, “It Won’t be Long” Motor Motel Love Songs
Lucero, “Can’t feel a Thing” 1372 Overton Park

Bonus: Richmond Fontaine, “Hallway” Post to Wire

Tom's busy, so you get me today and maybe Deborah too. Join in in comments.