Friday, August 03, 2007

Chimpy Reaches Out, Shares

Dan Froomkin reported yesterday that George W. Bush, in a fit of pique at new British Prime Minister Gordon Brown -- who wore a suit during his recent meetings with Bush at Camp David in order to maintain a "businesslike" tone -- has awarded the dignified British leader a leather bomber jacket similar to the one in which Bush himself enjoys strutting and prancing and generally acting tough.

Brown's jacket came complete with the requisite ostentatious, self-identifying label -- "Rt Hon [Right Honorable] Gordon Brown" -- as well as with a patch carrying Bush's personal magical power shield, the US Presidential Seal. Do yourself a favor and click here for an artist's rendering of what Brown might look like in the jacket.

Via Froomkin, London's Evening Standard reports that "friends last night predicted [Brown] would 'not be seen dead' in a bomber jacket."