Monday, September 24, 2007

Creature From the Blog Lagoon

(That's me.)

The gentleman ahab undersells himself; if his posts are "the blogging equivalent of hollering at the TV news," then mine are the equivalent of the family dog growling at the TV because the high-pitched whine hurts his ears. (Or perhaps he's growling at something he hears outside; no one is quite sure why he's growling.)

Tom has asked us to pick a favorite post of our own and repost it in honor of the blogiversary. He didn't advise us on what to do if our favorite posts were everyone else's least favorite. Hmm ...

I'm feeling contrary enough these days to post links to two posts that other people didn't like. The first contained my reaction to the film Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, and all of the personal thoughts and feelings it evoked about the evil of big American corporations (where "evil" is a euphemism for "amorality and greed"). One mistake I made, I think, was failing to emphasize that the post's invective was aimed only at the big, huge, mega-giga-corpoartions. No, I don't think that all American businesses are evil, only the "Fortune Five Hundred"-types—and maybe not even all five hundred of 'em. Maybe there are only a Fortune Few that are truly evil, but there's evil aplenty out there; trust me. And it's not just me: that idea was one of the points that was made repeatedly in the film.

The second was a satire on how certain, um, cable news networks try to manipulate their viewers through fear by emphasizing death and dying. This post flopped on its side like a crippled fish. I'll give it another try.

Happy anniversary to IIRTZ, and to all of its contributors, who, by the way, are my favorite bloggers! ;)