Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Best Posts Ever

A couple of weeks ago I invited y'all to post links to your Best Posts Ever. I expected some great stuff, and that's what we got; here it is:

  • Generik on all-American fascism: "Violence against liberals and progressives is talked about with stunning casualness, and is bound to become reality as the winger nation feels more and more frustrated that their percieved utopia is not materializing."

  • Deborah on cluelessness about Teh Gay: "Nine women are suing Clay Aiken’s record label for leading them to believe he was straight....Okay, there’s just lots and lots that’s dumb about this, and frankly, my brain cells are popping like bubble wrap just trying to think it through."

  • Happiness Is a Warm Gun, from Ahab: "Yet Bush, despite his best efforts to buck himself up and to dominate Iraq through ultra-violent shock and awe, remains just another many-time loser with the country."

  • George's eulogy for his mother: "In general, she just wasn't an easy woman to deal with. Maybe it's some Eastern European/Slovak thing, where the glass not only is half empty, but also you can't help but fret how close it is to the edge of the table and who's going to wash the glass later, if it somehow miraculously doesn't fall off the table and break into bits that will be very hard to clean up on the floor I just scrubbed as usual on Wednesday morning?"

  • S. W. Anderson on Kennedy and admitting mistakes: "That’s presidential leadership of the highest caliber, quickly and naturally forthcoming when the going is toughest, when it’s clear there will be no happy ending."

  • Mr. Gumby2U's tribute to Marla Ruzicka: "Marla proved that one person’s life can make a profound difference in the world. Because of Marla’s example, none of us can complacently avoid engaging the injustices we see."
Check 'em out; they're all good reading. If you have any more to add, post yours in comments.