Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Ron Paul Random Ten

Ron Paul & Garmarna - Vengeance
Ron Paul & the Sonics - Walkin' the Dog
Nina Simone & Ron Paul - I'm Feeling Good
Siouxsie & Ron Paul & the Banshees - Overground
Ron Paul & Shriekback - Gunning for the Buddha
Pet Shop Ron Paul Boys - West End Girls
Ron-Sleater-Kinney-Paul - A Quarter to Three
Ron Paul & the Vibrants - Zorchy
Ron Paul & Joy Division - Passover
Kurtis Ron Paul Blow - Hard Times

All killer, no filler--definitely one of my better lists.

So in Walkin' the Dog there's this line: "she broke a needle, and she can't sew". And the question is: can she not sew because she broke her needle? or is the fact that she can't sew a tipoff that we're talking about a different kind of needle altogether? The song sure sounds like a coded drug song, but I don't know enough about the background (it's originally by Rufus Thomas, but I'm not sure that's helpful) to say one way or another.

So anyway, what are some lyrics you've always wondered about (from your list if you have any there, or elsewhere if you don't)?

Oh, and in case I forgot to mention it earlier, any Democrat who votes for Ron Paul is too stupid to live.