Friday, November 16, 2007

The Remains of the Day

Kathryn Jean attended a glittering ball last night and stayed up way past midnight:

FedSoc [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

What a proud night for the Federalist Society Thursday night was in D.C. at Union Station. They had the president of the United States as a warm-up act. They had three Supreme Court justices. Clarence Thomas was by far the crowd favorite, but how could he not? Samuel Alito remains the funniest — I've heard him two years in a row at the Federalist Society and the man could be a stand-up comic. Antonin — who the president referred to as "Anton," undoubtedly soon to be a name he'll here [sic] again — remains the justice you'd most like to be your uncle.

President Bush talked about how wrong it is the nominations process is as awful as it can be — he mentioned names like Judge Pryor if you forgot what a circus these fights can be in the Senate. And there was a tribute to Judge Bork — who just needs to walk in a room to remind us of the good men and women kept away from service by a sometimes rabid Beltway.

Uncle Anton finally led the assembled patriarchy in three cheers for torture, then they all to their whorehouses to flourish.