Monday, December 17, 2007

Chez Ahab

Chez Ahab

You knew it was coming, so here it is: my bloggingspace. This is where the magic happens for ahab. I spend about 75% of my waking, home hours here in this room, the smallest in our house. We call it the Study. After reading Bleak House a few years ago, I tried to change it to the Growlery, but that never stuck.

Despite the "partner's" desk at its center, this is very much my room. Mary controls maybe one fifth of it. Her side of the desk is usually neat as a pin and mine's a jumble, but I cleaned mine up for this photo and lobbed some things she gave me to read back over onto her side. She'll be enraged when she comes home and sees that.

That's Mary's Christmas cactus over by the window. I hadn't realized that it is in bloom until I noticed it in this photo. That area is in her fifth. The forlorn creature in the left foreground is Eli, aka Chauncy and Pudgy J. Mewler and any number of other names. He is constantly failing to live up to his predecessor as my desk cat, the legendary Tony, Greatest Cat Ever.

Oh, and that's a small Iranian rug hanging on the wall. I rely upon its exotic power to multiculturally pervert my mind. It also reduces echo.