Monday, December 17, 2007

A Day Late, My Blog Space

My blog space isn't as professional as Tom's or Deborah's, nor is it as interesting and varied as Steve's myriad locations. It is quite comfy, though. Yes, that would be the bed. On it sits my laptop and, just out of the frame, the TiVo remote. It's there so I can keep up with breaking news, or maybe reruns of Law & Order. In the background is Prissy, my constant blogging companion.

I admit it; I do sometimes blog in my pajamas, but there are no Cheetos or Mountain Dew involved. And the only basement I frequent is the one in the music building where my kids take lessons.

When I'm not blogging, Amelia is kind enough to guard the laptop. Otherwise, she stays busy knocking over the stacks of paper on my actual desk.