Tuesday, December 04, 2007

World War III Averted -- What Now?

Now that Bush and Cheney's favorite toy has been taken away, what will the White House do to occupy themselves during the rest of their (incredibly lame-duck) term?

These are my suggestions:

1. Help repair the Republican Party's future prospects by requiring the redesign of stalls in every Midwestern airport's men's rooms.

2. Purge the Supreme Court of those annoying judicial activists that don't pass the Bat Boy litmus test (teach the controversy!).
3. Bring federal resources to bear in the ongoing search for the real killer of Nicole Simpson.

4. Learn to correctly pronounce the names of any three Middle East heads of state.

5. Keep an eye on the twins by offering Ozzy and Rob Zombie the use of Air Force One on their U.S. tour, in exchange for backstage passes.


[cross-posted at Blue Mass Group]