Friday, February 08, 2008

Titles? I can't think of No Steenkin' Title!

I interrupt my wanderings in the joyous snark fest that is the internet to bring you this link to a very important post up at The Left Coaster

I certainly don't subscribe to the "everyone must talk about what I think is important" brand of blog crititude--my interests are too catholic for one thing--but Great Ceasar's Ghost can we move on from what is currently excercising our more excitable partisans? While fervent political actors waste time agonizing over whether Florida and Michigan will be defenestrated or taught a well deserved lesson, while even Digby puts up sad thoughts about widdle babies, and while serious thinkers debate which is worse--Obama's sexism or HRC's racism, Obama's smile wattage and pull power or HRC's old biddy vote--the Congressional Democrats have, in no uncertain terms, signaled that they won't lift a finger to stop the utter destruction of the rule of law. Some time ago my mother and I (hi mom!) had the pleasure of sitting five feet away from Nancy Pelosi when she came to rally a small number of troops just as she became speaker. My ever forthright mum took Nancy's hand and demanded impeachment and the quick adoption of brutal, Rovian tactics in search of a return to sanity and honesty in government. Nancy, with a pained smile, removed her hand and explained condescendingly that the American people were tired of partisanship. In my heart I knew then that we were going to be royally f*cked, with bells on, in the gutter, by colonel mustard, with a candlestick and a gun. And so it has come to pass.