Friday, February 08, 2008

Jonah Has Correspondents Even Dumber Than He Is

Exhibit A: an e-mail he posts without comment. Choice quote:

The Democratic Party has been identity-driven for most of its existence. Ask a Democrat about his and he will tell you who it stands for—women, minorities, the poor—in old times, it was "the common man" or "the working man" or "the little guy."
Thing one: in old times? The 'common man'? The 'working man'? The 'little guy'? Was actuaally the common white man, the working white man, and the little white guy. Women, African-Americans, Hispanics--not in the picture. Not part of what the party (either party) stood for. The thing Goldbergians deride as 'identity politics' exists because it has to--because the identify politics of white guys was used to disenfranchise people who weren't (and apparently still aren't) supposed to have an identity.

Thing two: no identity politics in the GOP? Riiiight.

(Hat tip; Sadly, No!)