Thursday, February 07, 2008

Jonah's Book Fortells Period Of Mass Stupidity

NPR is interviewing "conservatives" and "republicans" about whether they would vote for McCain. One guy explains that he and his wife are upset because they liked Romney but McCain is "too far to the left" and would raise taxes. As he is now in "another tax bracket" he and his wife can't stand that thought. The interviewer, of course, didn't ask him how he personally intended to pay for Bush's debts. Another man says he is a true conservative and will probably vote to "punish" the republicans and help a democrat win the white house so the republicans rediscover their true conservative roots. A young woman who voted for Romney says she "doesn't like Huckabee" and thinks she might vote for a democrat over McCain because at least they are honest about being Democrats while he's actually a Democrat but posing as a Republican. I think all that, aligned with previous interviews with voters, indicates that approximately .0001 percent of the populace, if that, has the slightest grasp on history, politics, governance, or the economy. This should put an end to any and all attempts to guess what the electorate will do based on actual information. Its pretty clear that the electorate isn't actually using anything an ordinary person, as opposed to, say, a night crawling vole, would use as information. I imagine these typical republican voters (and their counterparts on the democratic side) are actually using a completely other set of senses to make their determinations: their thoughts seem to be captured in a new language like "smells like pink! warm thoughts! ahhh, luscious grubs!"


Oh, most priceless of all, NPR's paid idiot explains that he thought Romney would have had a "good chance" if he'd only played up his business cred! Perhaps he should have mentioned the fact that he "saved the olympics" or that he "saved Massachuesetts." This, of course, was news to Massachusetts but the Olympics expressed gratitude and remembered fondly when 'ol capitalist huckster went to bat for them and got them all that public money that no unbusinessman would ever have thought of tapping.