Thursday, February 14, 2008

No Day Without a Line

I'm trying to make a valentine's dinner for Mr. Aimai and also blotting my copybook over at LGM. here's where I'm coming from--I'm trying to make duck breast with cherry/fig/wine sauce; risotto cakes, asparagus, and a fresh cardamom pastry cream tart with some nice fruit for dinner. At the same time, I'm really tired of all the blogging about what a terrible person and a terrible candidate Hillary Clinton is. This is just one of those personal political preferences of mine--I'd rather see both my candidates an my fellow dems tearing up the republicans instead of guessing and second guessing each other. If I'm stuck with HRC it won't be the first time I'm stuck with a conventional candidate when I would have preferred an insurgent. If I'm stuck with Obama it will certainly be the first time I've been offered the chance to vote for a charismatic, progressive, black guy but it may not be the last time I get a chance to vote for a *losing dem* in a general election. I just don't know. And no one else does either. I'm tired of the endless piggybacking attempts by the pro-obama crowd to project ahead and find clinton the worse candidate and the worse person in order to prospectively legitimize obama as the best. they are both ok candidates. They are both claiming to get lots of votes and they both want to get lots of votes. can't we let the voters decide instead of trying to tell the voters over and over again that everything clinton does proves what a horrible candidate she is? I'm going to take the pledge about this now, over at LGM, and stop trying to discuss the underlying theme there to so many posts which is that HRC represents some evil hitherto unknown, or wholly associated with republicans, which Obama rises above. As Dr. Zen over there has posted--Obama is a politician, he is surrounded by politicians, he's not above politics. And we wouldn't really want him to be. Everything that HRC is excoriated for in this primary? We'd be shocked and enraged if Obama and his supporters didn't somehow use in the general. Because we want to win--dammit. And we have to win. Its too important for the Marquess of Queensbury rules.


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