Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Abdication

Everyone at the office just gathered around the TV to watch Governor Spitzer's resignation.

In a culture in which "If I offended, I apologize" is considered an apology rather than the mealy-mouthed avoidance of true responsibility (see: John McCain), I thought his brief speech was an exercise in dignity and decency. He took full responsibility, apologized, and acknowledged that he had not lived up to his own standards. In his famously pugnacious style, he took a moment to say his standards were right. Possibly that was ill-timed. Also in poor taste, but apparently de rigeur these days, was the presence of his wife at his side. She looked haggard and drained. It must have been torture for her. She should have been spared the additional burden; she's been burdened enough. People speculate on what goes on behind closed doors. And rightly so; not every marriage is the Cleavers. But this was clearly not a woman who'd known all along.

So, New Yorkers have our first black governor, and I believe our first blind governor as well. David Patterson is, by all reports, very well-liked.

And life goes on.

(If I cross-posted, I apologize.)