Tuesday, March 11, 2008

All Joking Aside--End of the World?

All joking aside this Fallon business really seems to signal something I've been in denial about. Bush and Co aren't actually lame ducks. They are as powerful, and as determined to wreck things, as they were at the start of their descent into hell. TPM has this to say in their measured, white guy, reasonable tone:

It is widely believed in media and political circles that despite the difficulties in Iraq and Afghanistan, American foreign policy is back under some kind of adult/mainstream management. In other words, that we've left the Cheney/Rumsfeld era behind for a period of Gates/Rice normalcy and that Iran regime change adventurism is safely off the table. But put together what the disagreements with Fallon were about, the fact that the president chose him as someone he thought he could work with not more than one year ago, and the almost unprecedented nature of the resignation and it becomes clear that that assumption must be gravely in error.

Of course I don't ever sound like that when looking at stuff like this--my hair is standing on end, starting to crinkle with smoke, and I'm screaming as loud as I can.