Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Karl Rove's Other Job

Remember when Karl Rove was wandering the streets predicting that Ebay Economics was going to be the driving engine of our new economy? He thought that lots of people making pathetically small portions of their income selling shit they can't use to other people for small amounts of money was a *good thing.* I think I accidentally stumbled on one of his front operations. I swear I'm not making this up.:

"There is really bona fide pottery barn outlet wares trading on eBay, pottery barn outlet wares that can emphasize any region of your dwelling. No, most of the product traded is not artificial, but you will have to be cautious. As with any rebate site there will be masses that desire to take reward of unaware shoppers. Below, I prefer to assist you to dialect your bathroom with this product. A fresh light fixture can do marvels with whatsoever bathroom. I would advocate a contempory flair light fixture that stresses your faucet. Remove that seventies clear fixture with the roses stenciled on the forepart. This is such an retired thing and with such a little investiture, some array in cost from 20 dollars, you could make a world of divergence in such a brusk amount of time. Accentuate the walls with fresh towel bearers. Pottery barn outlet has discounted towel holders that will do marvels for your wall. There is nothing worse that walking into a bathroom and discovering exhausted towel holder that can not even affirm the burden of a towel. Last but not least, lets acquire a new coating of paint on those walls. This is a very affordable solution for any bathroom-decorating project. A bucketful of paint could only price around 25 to 30 dollars. That is cipher. But it entails all the divergence. Fresh paint will hide any abrasions or even filth or tiddler hollows that may have happened over the yrs. Pacing departed from the bathroom, also anticipate to ascertain a magnanimous range for bedroom and living furniture that would disclose any decorating project."