Thursday, March 13, 2008

David Patterson

It seems like everyone likes David Patterson, who will become New York's governor on Monday. He is described as both more liberal and better at getting along with Republicans than Eliot Spitzer. And of course, people are very interested in saying "New York's first black governor" and "First blind governor," because people love saying "first" anything, and yes, it is important.

I live in New York. It's been all Spitzer, all the time, here. My carpool buddy and I were listening to NPR on the way home (when I drive we listen to music) and there was a brief clip of Patterson from 14 months ago, talking about working with Spitzer and becoming Lt. Governor.

I have to say I was stunned by how much I enjoyed listening to him. He was articulate and almost musical in his ability to express himself. At the same time, he sounded relaxed and conversational, as if he was talking to exactly one person and making a vital connection to her. I wanted to run out and vote for him. And my buddy said that she'd seen a long interview with him (like 45 minutes) on a news show, and she ended up absolutely in love with him. That he was like that; articulate and beautifully-phrased, intelligent and thoughtful, yet relaxed and intimate, all the way through.

There's certainly something exciting about seeing a genuinely wonderful Democrat rise in the party and in public recognition. Certainly many of us thought that's what we were seeing with Spitzer, and that feels like shit. But the silver lining is Patterson and I am eager to see what comes of his career.

(New York's first blind cross-post)