Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bad Heir Day

Fresh off a Duran Duran concert last night -- where, incensed at bassist John Taylor's "trendy Che-like Obama t-shirt," she repeatedly bellowed "John McCain for President!" at the stage -- Kathryn Jean Lopez labors to defend her earlier endorsement of a McCain one-term pledge.

(Corner ultra-hardass Andy McCarthy forced K-Lo's hand with a post warning conservatives of the dangers of a lame-duck McCain, who "is not with us on many crucial things" and who might just go and annoint a mavericky successor to his single mavericky term.)
So K-Lo takes this childish shot at unraveling the GOP knot:

I think conservatives should make clear to Republicans they are not going to go for McCain's heir choice. The GOP is not and never will be all McCain.
Yes, the conservatives finally need to start speaking up to those damnedable Republicans. And do you know what would make them a great rallying cry at the Minneapolis convention?-- "The GOP is not and never will be all McCain!" It elegantly captures their historical moment, don't you agree?