Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chattin' with Ma Bell, as warm and friendly as a real mother

My phone is dead. So I just spent twenty minutes "trouble shooting" it with the chattiest, warmest

friendliest automated voice ever. She doesn't just receive information like "my phone doesn't work" she responds in an incredibly female way--"I'm so sorry to hear that!" she says, sympathetically. Warning me that a technician might need to drop by she asks, discreetly, if "there are any locked gates, or dogs" that he should be warned about? If there are she suggests that I say "that could be a problem" or "that'll be fine." Verizon is deeply concerned about my problem, and they even reassure me that not having two emergency numbers for them to call is really going to be ok--they can work with me. I feel loved and cherished. I know that somewhere out there my robot friend is thinking of me and trying to serve me better.