Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Voter Suppression Thugs Are the Real Victims

Call the waahmbulance for Hans von Spakovsky, victim of a vile and dishonest left-wing smear campaign.

Von Spakovsky, of course, was the point man for the purge of the Justice Department's Civil Rights section--the purge that changed their mission from protection to obstruction.

The Senate has been blocking his appointment to the FEC, and the other day he withdrew his nomination--freeing him to write his whiny, bitter screed in the WSJ. (Unlike Clarence Thomas, he did at least have the decency not to use the word 'lynching'. Give him points for that.) Among the slurs directed at him:

I've been called corrupt and unethical, and labeled as everything from a Klansman to a Nazi (my last name seems to generate that latter pejorative) for my work at the Department of Justice.
I'm sure somebody said that, but anyone who can find an example has more Google patience than I do. But then that's no more dishonest than the rest of his piece, which claims he was de-politicizing a politicized Civil Rights section (one overly aligned with the ACLU...which, to the layman, might seem normal for a government section tasked with protecting civil rights). It wasn't about purging Democrats, you see; it was about protecting the rights of Republicans from minority voters who wanted to oppress them.

Or something like that. That really is about how coherent it is. And the Right has another martyr, for whatever that's worth to them.