Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Its Hard Out There for a Gender Pimp

Or: There Can Only Be One.

Check out this hysterical thread over at Sadly, No! as Glenn Reynolds' wife discovers Kathleen Parker muscling in on her territory as the only other woman who understands how hurt men have been by feminism. Cat fight at the OK corral and then some.

Dr. Mrs. Ole Perfesser has a question:

New Books on Men and Boys

A reader (thanks!) let me know about a new book by columnist Kathleen Parker that is coming out soon entitled Save the Males: Why Men Matter Why Women Should Care. […]

Sounds interesting–but I must add that I find it somewhat disturbing that ultimately the premise of the book (I am inferring this from the title and the above summary) is about the effect of men’s cultural demise on….women. Yes, I know that focusing on women is the only way to sell books but if I had my way (or I was not so darn lazy), I would write a book that focused on the effect of the male bashing culture on - surprise!….men. How do actual men feel about it, what do they think, how does it affect them personally and their sons?