Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Quote of the Day

Okay, two days ago. Still. Here's the always-lucid Jon Carroll:

Gay marriage is, at its heart, a deeply conservative idea. It is the very opposite of an alternative lifestyle. If people truly care about the preservation of traditional values, they should get on the gay marriage bandwagon as soon as possible. What happens in the bedroom is of intense interest to the people in the bedroom, but of scant significance to society as whole.

What happens outside the bedroom (which is, worse luck, where most of life takes place) is what defines a culture. It's how we raise our kids and make our myths and create our art. It's how we fight for peace and justice and freedom and tolerance. If we let everyone into the society on equal terms, then everyone has an equal stake in fighting to preserve that society. If not - well, say hello to a lot of enemies you didn't have to make.