Friday, June 06, 2008

OK, eight things

1. I met Mr. Aimai through a personal ad when I was in graduate school but we had actually been in the same class at Harvard, been in the same *classes* at Harvard, gone to the same graduate school and each, for different reasons, gone to Chicago at the same time to finish out our Ph.D's. He was one of 88 men or male like respondents who answered my ad. I never wonder about the ones I didn't date.

2. I am a staggeringly good mother.

3. We had a siamese cat named Herpes when I was a little girl.

4. A cousin of mine served 20 years in Bedford Hills Prison.

5. All the things I've been accused of making up on the Internet? Are all true. The trick is to figure out what person serves as a nodal point in the web of connections that produce the weird things I say.

6. Jim Watson is my godfather.

7. My research was on women, family property disputes, and the history of state organization of property law in Nepal. Its actually really interesting and no one else has ever written on it with such care and detail. However, I couldn't figure out where to put the Hitler mustache so I couldn't find a publisher.

8. My grandmother always said that life was lived in "lifelets" and you tear them off when you are done like months on a calendar. I'm still working on that one.