Friday, June 06, 2008


With summer weather here and the Democratic primary mercifully over, the coming weeks promise to be a slow time for news and for blogging. Maybe we can liven things up for ourselves by asking aimai to tell us some entertaining stories about her real life. Last year most of this blog's contributors played the "tell eight interesting things/facts/habits/stories about yourself" meme. You can find our responses here: Deborah, Kathy, Nobody in Particular, Deb, ahab. I thought these made for great reading -- both the posts and the comments.

Something tells me aimai can probably think up eight interesting things to tell us about herself. If you feel like doing it, aimai, just give your response in a blog post. I'll also invite our regular commenters to play. Humboldt, Hogan, S.W. Anderson, Luke, Jamelle, everybody -- I'd love to hear your stories too. Either leave them in comments here or at aimai's responding post, or leave a link here or there to a blog post that contains them. Anybody who reads us and would like to play, please join in. As you can see from the earlier round, it can be a lot of fun.

Ummm, maybe the Hiltons will even play this time?

(I don't mean to leave out Kvatch, but I couldn't find his entry. Steve M, I don't know if you play these things, but maybe you'll find the time and the inclination here in the summer doldrums. Same for Doghouse Reilly, who I'm kind of afraid to tag out there in the open text.)